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Here's what the teachers have said about our program for the P.E. Classes we teach at the schools. So far 100% of the feedback forms received from the teachers agreed that our Instructors teaching the classes were positive, confident, and encouraging. Also when asked if they would recommend this program to another teacher, 100% of the teachers said yes.

Noel Booth Elementary

"The Instructors were Fabulous! They were positive, energetic, hands on and everyone was focused! They took the time to explain & demonstrate their commands. The Instructors kept all 20 kids focused, engaged, and active for 45 minutes! Everyone was on-task. They instruction and activity was appropriate for their age level and physical development. I liked how they roamed the class to give the kids immediate feedback, and or correction"
- Bev Donald

James Hill Elementary

"The Instructors were very clear in their Communication with the students. The students all listened very well. I would love to have you come back again!"
- James Reich

"The Instructors handled the children in the classes very well. Mr.Rahn & Mr.Skaar came into our school over 2 days. They taught 10 classes for 30 minutes each. They spoke about discipline & focus as well as teaching some physical moves. They taught a wide age range as well as accommodating students with physical and behavioral challenges."                                                                                   -Kathy Lambert

North Otter Elementary

"The Instructors were excellent at handling the kids and were clear with their communication. I was very pleased with the class. The children felt that it was a priviledge to participate, and so do I. Everyone enjoyed the lesson."
- Pamela Niddery

"The Instructors were very clear with their communication with the students, and handled the class very well! I thought they were doing a great job incorporating things that we are trying to do as well!"
- Don Thomson

Parkside Elementary

"The Instructors did step by step instructions and demonstrating everything to the students. They were very organized and had clear instructions. The students enjoyed it, in the hallway returning to the class they said it was fun and they wished the lesson was longer!"
- Arleen Williams

"The Instructors presence and manner were authoritative, but polite and considerate. He was also very clear in his communication with the students and very professional when he was talking to me. I thought he planned the program well. The timing and engagement were perfect. Thank you very much. I was very impressed." -Kathryn Harrison

Glenwood Elementary

"The Instructors were absolutely great! They were respectful, patient, kind, encouraging and crystal clear with their communication with the students."
- Ron Knelsen

Wind and Tide Elementary

"The Instructors were great with the children. They spoke respectfully and kind. The Instructors were very clear in their communication with the children. Thank you so much for coming in. It was such a great experience for the children."      -Janet/Aideen

"The Instructors were very professional in their conversations with us and they handled the children in the class exceptionally well! They were very clear in their communication with the students and always stayed positive, confident and encouraging."                                                                             -Janet/Aideen

East Clayton Elementary

"The Instructors were excellent with handling the children in the class and their communication was very clear. I thought the class was Excellent - thank you very much!"                                                                                                   -Mrs.V Ash

Shortreed Elementary

"The Instructors handled the children in the class with excellence and the communication in class was absolutely clear. I thought the program was excellent. The children remained focused throughout - Great Job!"                                        -Diane Twist

"The children payed attention & were on task the whole class. The kids really enjoyed it. Come more! - Some ideas would be to extend the lesson into a class!" -Stacey Dary

"The Instructors were professional, they were also very organized with good follow through. The Instructors handled the children professionally, they were kind and encouraging, they also accepted all variety and ability of student, very respectful. The Instructors were very clear in their communication with the students. Instructions were in small chunks with frequent movement for students. The two instructor method was wonderful, one to demonstrate, one to walk around and encourage or correct. The kids loved the class, all were able to participate at their own level."                                                                                                   -Kyla Cameron

"The Instructors was very professional in their conversations. They handled the children very well. They had very good control and complete attention of all the students. The Instructors were very positive and encouraging!"                            -Michelle Penner-Lang

West Langley Elementary

"The Instructors were super when handling the children in the class. They were clear in their communication with the students. They gave an excellent presentation."                                                                                       -Carol McDonald


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