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This is what some of our students and parents past and present had to say about our school and the effects it has had on their children.

Parents Testimonials

"Taekwondo has given my son more self confidence. He is less likely to be pushed around at school."
- Van & Scott B.

"Taekwondo has gained more confidence in Victoria's life to do things, positive attitude. With Dylan having ADHD he can get all his hyperness out at class. I'm busier running my kids to class, tournaments and fundraisers, but I wouldn't change it for the world."
- Teresa R.

"Taekwondo has given my son a sense of goal setting and acheivement. He realizes that if he works hard he is rewarded be it by medals, stars or patches. Tavis has become more helpful, and his respect for his peers has increased greatly. This makes my life a whole lot easier as I know he is going to be well behaved without a lot of attention. The club has been a great influence on Tavis. He wants to go on! Tavis realizes that if he goes to class he has always got something to strive for. The instructors are great and get really involved with the kids. I would recommend this club to any parent for their children, never mind themselves. Thanks again for all the support from all the club members."
- Lisa A.

"Taekwondo has taught my son self control. How to interact with younger people that himself. Todd has learned to respect his dad and his little brother. This is an excellent program. You have taught the kids VERY WELL. I am glad you (Mr. Rahn) have been his teacher because now he has someone to look up to, to teach him how to be a good person and respect others."
- Theresa I.

"Taekwondo has increased my child's confidence, flexibility and responsibility. Having Cody join your academy has been a very good decision. We witness the positive outlook of your staff and commend you for the continuous effort it takes to maintain such high standards."
- Laurie K.

"Jeremy enjoys the classes. Throughout the week he talks about having a black belt attitude. He talks to all his friends about and likes to show his moves. Keep the classes fun and he'll keep coming back! He loves using the kicking bag and other props. We're very pleased, keep up the good work."
- Laurie P.

"Leah has more confidence, and can defend herself in a situation. She is now showing that things in her life matter. (School work, room, people.) It has made my life less stressful for now she is taking responsibility for herself. You're doing an EXCELLENT job in teaching the kids to go forth into the world. Teaching them many valuable lessons they need to know to survive and become respectful adults to teach our next generation."
- Theresa Iverson.

"Brittany is more focused on what she does and takes more pride in her failures as well as her accomplishments. I enjoy watching my daughter take her lessons and am able to enjoy watching her grow and being able to defend herself if the occasion (heaven forbid) presents itself."
- Michelle & Eric.

"Being a single mom on disability, I am unable to do physically active activities with Tommy. Here he gets to do something fun, safe, positive, productive and is meeting new friends as well as being part of the community... while burning off some energy!!"
- Marjorie D.

"Taekwondo has given Braedon more confidence - It has made him stronger not only physically but emotionally and spiritually. You are doing a great job."
- Lisa V.

"Connor has had improvements in his confidence, speaking publicly, his listening skills and most importantly Connor has fun and looks forward to each and every class. Mr. Skaar is an excellent instructor. He speaks to the children in a manor that they understand. He has great patience and care to insure that all the kids do the best to their abilities. He is an inspiration to Connor and the rest of his students. Thank you Mr. Skaar keep up the GREAT work."
- Tara J.

"Great excersice, gets my son out of his comfort zone, constantly trying new thing. Great circle of people."
- Tammy Chatwin.

"Taekwondo has challenged Sydney and through Taekwondo she has learned to stick with something and work hard. It has also reinforced our value system at home. She has met friends whom she treasures and loves to participate."
- Debra D.

"Taekwondo has given T.J. the self confidence he needed to tackle life. Not only has his self confidence grown he also respects his skills and abilities and now will look forward to trying new adventures. He has matured greatly. Personally I think Taekwondo is extremely helpful for children aged 9-15 years, they have many changes going on inside their bodies and in their enviroments, Taekwondo gives strength, agility and confidence to change and grow."
- Diane Y.

"Liam has gained much more self confidence, a feeling of being part of a team. Learning to set goals and being truly motivated to attain them. He is more comfortable in his own skin - being polite and sometimes shy - he feels safe and increasingly more confident in the school atmosphere."
- Bonnie L.

"Taekwondo has impacted my children in a very positive way. All 4 of my children have developed more self-confidence and they all show more respect, integrity and honesty in their daily lives. I love it when they hold each other accountable for exhibiting black belt attitude. My children have been learning about perseverance and this is something that they will need in every part of their lives. I think the most important thing my children have learned is never giving up - the persevere - and not everything in life is going to be easy."
- Julie J.

"Taekwondo has made all 3 more confident and more focused at school. It also backs up us as parents in things we are trying to teach them."
- Alison C.

Children Students Testimonials

"I now know how to defend myself against strangers."
- D. O.

"I know how to defend myself if I have to."
- V. O.

Adult Student Testimonials

Coming Soon..


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