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RATED_PG-13.gif?229Due to the graphic nature of this course it has a minimum suggested rating of Parental Guidance for age 13. It includes profanity, descriptions of a sexual nature, including sexual intercourse & rape.

Ladies Self-Defense
To be announced

At the Level 1 Seminar , We will be covering the basics of self-defense,
 sexual harassment, assault & rape prevention.

REGULAR Seminar $29.99
Everyone is welcome to bring friends!
Pre-registration cost for the seminar is $20.00,
or 2 People for $30.00, and a Family is $40.00 (
tax not included)
If you have any questions please email us back or call us at the school at 604-532-0172

Kubaton Self-Defense
December 1st, 2012

At the Level 1 Seminar , We will be covering the basics of self-defense,
environment training with the 3 Pre-A's, pressure points and striking.

REGULAR Seminar $39.99
Everyone is welcome to bring friends!
Pre-registration cost for the seminar is $30.00 which includes your Kubaton
You can choose from; flat or rounded, and either Black, Silver, Light Blue or Dusty Rose

Information on our programs
S.H.A.R.P. Self-Defense

Sexual Harassment Assault and Rape Prevention is a certified course that teaches women to have the skills to survive an attack or an unwanted advance by someone. It is a 3 hour class. There are several levels for you to learn all the content of the Certification Class. The emphasis is placed on leaving the seminar with a plan on what to do, and having had practice to be confident.

The P.P.C.T. S.H.A.R.P. Program has been specifically designed to meet the needs of women when control methods and assault prevention methods are required. Principles and strategies for effectively reducing the likelihood of an assault through actual techniques of countering an attack are stressed in this program. Utilizing efficient and effective methods of subject control that do not rely on size and strength, P.P.C.T. has developed a training system that can be used by just about everyone who is interested in personal safety.

While a woman at any age is at risk, due to the graphic nature of the content, we can only have students ages 13 and up. We can teach students as young as 10 or 11 but only with parental consent and a conversation with the parent.

Corporate Training Programs

The Corporate Training program at Rahn's Black Belt Academy is intended to address the job-specific personal safety needs of women in the workplace. Whether you are a Real Estate Agent with concerns about your safety in the close quarters of a home you are showing, or a retail employee who works late at night, we can tailor a program to reflect the immediate personal safety threats that you may face every day. We can help you learn practical, realistic strategies for detecting, avoiding and escaping from potentially violent situations on the job. The following is a list of some of the applications that we offer;
  • Coping with Workplace Harassment
  • Real Estate Agent Personal Safety Program (Open House/Close Quarters)
  • Teacher Safety Program
  • Bar, Lounge and Restaurant Staff
  • Late Night/Early Morning Self Defense Program for Retail and Service Industry
  • Hospitality Staff Personal Safety Training
  • SMART Move, 4-Hour Corporate Workshop
  • Basics 12-Hour Personal Safety Course
  • Basic Element 1-Hour Self Defense Clinics

Group Training Programs

The Group Training program at Rahn's Black Belt Academy includes all the training programs that you see above and can be tailored to suit any group from the PTA's to Girl Guides to church groups. We want to be able to meet with you and decide how we can make a program to suit your groups needs.


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