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                                         Congratulations to our NEW 
                                          2010 CANADA CHAMPS!

Colour Belts
        Braedon Vandenbiggelaar - Sparring
        David Durkie - Forms, Weapons & Sparring

Black Belts
        Ljubica Mijailovic - Forms, Weapons & Sparring
        Sydney DeGianni - Weapons & Sparring
        Graeme Deering - Forms & Sparring
        Davie Jonkman - Weapons, Creative Weapons & X-Treme Weapons
        Amy Jonkman - Creative Weapons & X-Treme Weapons
        Nicki Jonkman - Forms, Weapons & Sparring
        Loralee Cuthbert - Weapons
        Victoria Olynyk - Forms, Weapons & Sparring
        Matthew Skaar -
Forms, Weapons & Sparring
        Sandra Rahn - Forms & Sparring
        Shane Rahn - Forms, Weapons & Sparring

Congratulations to our NEW 2010 World Champ Finalists!

        Shane Rahn - Weapons & Sparring
        Matthew Skaar - Sparring
        Amy Jonkman - Creative Weapons

Talk to your Instructor about ordering your Canada Champ Heavy Weight Uniform

And a Special Congratulations to everyone who attended tournaments this year and made it a great competition for Canada & World Champ 2010

Congratulations to our

Colour Belts
        Kaylyn Carriere - Forms and Sparring
        Braedon Vandenbiggelaar - Sparring
        Graeme Deering - Sparring
        Tyla Gagnon - Sparring

Black Belts
        Seth Rahn - Forms and Sparring
        Mikayla Carriere - Forms, Weapons, Sparring, 
                                        XMA Forms and XMA weapons
        Bailee Cuthbert - Sparring and Weapons
        Davie Jonkman - XMA Forms and XMA Weapons
        Taylor Sjostrand - XMA Weapons
        Shelby Truesdale - Weapons
        Lora-Lee Cuthbert - Forms, Weapons and Sparring
        Richard Miller - Forms, Weapons and Sparring
        Matthew Skaar - Weapons
        Sandra Rahn - Sparring
        Shane Rahn - Forms, Weapons and Sparring

And a Special Congratulations to everyone who attended tournaments this year and made it a great competition for Canada Champ 2009


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