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KNPBullyLogo1Say NO to Bullying!
We are teaming up with the Langley School District and the RCMP to give a clear message that we don't want bullying in our communities.

The WTTU is proud to be the nation's leader in keeping kids safe and creating a HAPPIER community with our Kidz 'n Power Program. This program is designed to keep kids safe from two very harmful dangers Bullying and Abduction!

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Bullying is the most common danger kids face!         Did you know?

Serious bullying impacts 1 out of 3 kids
  • Teachers only catch 5% of bullying behavior
  • Bullying leads to other problems... anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation, physical ailments, lower academic achievement
  • 60% of kids who were bullies were convicted of a felony before the age of 25!

Olweus Bullying Prevention through Rahn's Black Belt Academy and WTTU Martial Arts.

Bullying is one of the most difficult issues that students, parents and educators might encounter in or out of school.  Self-Discipline, Courtesy and Respect are mainstays of WTTU Martial Arts, but additional bullying prevention instruction is necessary to keep kids safe from the dangers of bullying. The WTTU has entered into an association with the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program (OBPP) the world's foremost bullying prevention program. The Olweus Bullying Prevention Program is the most researched and best-known bullying prevention program available. Our seminars on bullying will teach your child the dangers of bullying, how to avoid bullying and what to do when bullying becomes violent. Protect your children with bullying prevention skills and strategies by calling WTTU Martial Arts to inquire about our upcoming seminar based on the Olweus program.

What if your notions about bullying are just plain wrong?

How much do you know about bullying?

True or False
  1. Children are more likely to be bullied in middle school than elementary school
  2. Most bullying is physical in nature
  3. Girls bully just as much as boys; they just do it differently
  4. Boys are more likely than girls to be involved in cyber bullying
  5. Bullying is just as likely on the way to and from school as during school hours
  6. Most students who observe bullying don't think they should get involved

You can find the answers by calling our school at 604-532-0172.

So far 100% of the people who have taken this test have had at least 1 or more answers wrong. Only 1 person has had 1 wrong, everyone else has had 2 or more.

Find out why and what to do about bullying
at Rahn's Black Belt Academy WTTU Martial Arts.

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