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Black Belt Hike

Who :     All Black Belts, You MAY bring a guest but only by Special Invitation (Based on spots available and Necessity. All guests must be able to pass the Black Belt Fitness test. If there is a problem on the hike and your guest is not able to finish the hike, you will wait with your guest until we return. You will then have to catch the next hike which would be 4 months later.)

What :   Sumas Mountain Hike

 When :  8:00am  
 Where :  We will meet at McDonalds in the Aldergrove Village Shopping Center (264th & Fraser)

Why :     Your Taekwondo Journey to Black Belt can be compared to that of climbing a mountain. As weembark on this journey together we will learn what it means to be a true Black Belt. Oh, Yes and you MUST participate to reach Black Belt, and it IS part of your TESTING.

What you may need for this hike,

Equipment Recommended

(Depending on time of year)

Back Pack                    -Something good and sturdy to contain all that you bring

Pack Cover                   -Not Necessary, but useful if it rains

Hiking Staff or Stick     -Not Necessary

Water bottles                -You will want to bring your own water 1- 2 litres

Camera                         -With a clear day the views will be spectacular

Socks                            -Recommend wool / polypropylene blend, (no cotton)

Sock Liners                   -Coolmax / Thermax / Polypropylene

Hiking Boots                 -Solid boots with ankle support (not shoes if possible)

Shirt Layers                   -Coolmax / Thermax / Polypropylene next to the skin

Warm top                       -Technical fleece (polyester)

Rain Jacket / Poncho    -Waterproof Jacket or Poncho

Hat or Hood                    -Recommended this time of year

Gloves                            -Leather Insulated,  or Waterproof, maybe even glove liners


Food Recommended

Drink              -Water is best, then maybe Powerade / Gatorade

                                 Ice tea is always Excellent (obviously Mr. Rahn’s favorite)

Snacks           -Trail Mix, Granola Bars, Food Bars, Power Bars, Salty chips, etc

                                (Cookies Doritos, etc not recommended)

Lunch              -Cold meat sandwiches or peanut butter/jelly sandwich

                                Anything from Subway would work 

If you choose to bring a pocketknife you must inform Mr. Rahn prior to the beginning of the hike.

Important Information

            Please be advised that just like in Taekwondo, there are some risks that are involved in these hikes. I have chosen the hikes, which are most appropriate at the time of year. They have been based on difficulty rating, length of time and the maximum height achieved over the hike. Mr. Rahn will have with him his cell phone in case of emergencies. As you can read from the information packet, there are “Ten Essential Items” that are required whenever you decide to go on a hike. I will have all “Emergency” and “Finding your Way” items with me. In the unlikely event of an emergency, the hospital which is closest to us will be used.


The Chilliwack Hospital is the one closest to all our mountain hike locations.

Chilliwack Hospital, 45600 Manholm, 1-604-795-4141

Hiking Checklist

  • Back Pack             
  • Pack Cover            
  • Hiking Staff or Stick
  • Water bottles         
  • Camera                  
  • Socks                    
  • Sock Liners                        
  • Hiking Boots  (not running shoes)   
  • Shirt Layers            
  • Warm top               
  • Rain Jacket / Poncho
  • Hat or Hood                       
  • Gloves
  • Drink Bottle
  • Chips (salty)
  • Energy bar
  • Energy drink
  • Gatorade
  • Powerade
  • Sandwich
  • Trail Mix
  • Snacks      
  • Lunch
  • Toilet Paper (definitely a must, unless you are savvy with plant leaf species,poison ivy really sucks)


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