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We make it very simple to for you to choose which program will be best for you and your family. All parents want their child to make the right choices and become a person who does the right things. At our academy we are here to support what you want for your child. Below is a list and description of our what each of our programs include.

We have 4 different age groups to be able to specialize our classes for your training;

  • Tiny Tigers - ages 4-7
  • Karate Kids - ages 7-12
  • Teens - ages 13-16
  • Adults - ages 17+

The following are the types of programs we have available for you to train in.

Leadership Classes
Our Leadership Program is our best program. This is the program we most highly recommend. It will allow you or your child to achieve their greatest potential in the martial arts. Many of our Leadership members go on to become great Martial Arts Instructors.
Program Benefits:
- Basic Techniques (strikes, blocks, kicks)leadership_patch
- One-Steps & Self Defense
- Poom-sae Forms
- Advanced Material Training
- Sparring Practice
- Board Breaks
Extra Features:
- Leadership Class
- Weapons Training
- ATA-Xtreme (X.M.A.)
- MMA-Fit (Mixed Martial Arts and Fitness Class)
- Demo Class
- Competition Class

- Access to Advanced Seminars
* Leadership Program is the pre-requisite for our Certified Instructor Training Course (CITC)

Black Belt Training
Our Black Belt training program is for those who want to take their training to the next level. In this program you can achieve your Black Belt and beyond.
Program Benefits:
- Basic Techniques (strikes, blocks, kicks)
- One-Steps & Self Defense
- Poom-sae Forms
Extra Features:
- Advanced Training Material
- Sparring Practice
- Board Breaks

Black Belt Training Class is what I'm looking for, (CLICK HERE)

Basic Program
This is a great program to get started with. Many of our Black Belts and current Instructors started in this program.
Program Benefits:
- Basic Techniques (strikes, blocks, kicks)
- One-Steps & Self Defense
- Poom-sae Forms

The Basic Program is what I'm looking for, (CLICK HERE)

In All Our Classes
We teach Life Skills in all of our classes. We focus on 9 throughout the year they are as follows:

Jan. - Goal Setting (in Martial Arts)
Feb. - Courtesy
Mar. - Loyalty
Apr. - Goal Setting (for education)
May - Respect
Jun. - Attitude
Jul. - Goal Setting (in Relationships)
Aug. - Perseverance
Sep. - Honour
Oct. - Goal Setting (in the Community)
Nov - Self Control
Dec - Integrity
It's not enough to just teach martial arts, you need to train students mentally. We emphasize our life skills in every class that we teach.

C.I.T.C. - Certified Instructor Training Club

This is our highest level of student training. Eventually many of our leaders decide that they are ready to begin their journey of becoming an Instructor. On the road to becoming a Certified Instructor the expectations become a lot higher. The student begins to recognize their own need and desire to pass on the knowledge they are learning to others. Joining the CITC is where the transfer of those skills begins the lifetime of training. As Grandmaster Soon Ho Lee said "There is always more to learn!" and when you begin your journey, Eternal Grandmaster Lee said "Today not possible, Tomorrow possible?"

Will YOU begin your journey today?


Self Confidence    -    Respect    -    Self Discipline    -    Courtesy    -    Self Defense
Creating Confidence & Creating Leaders

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